Beneficios del Mate (or Yerba Mate Benefits)

If you are thinking about getting hooked on yerba mate there are a few things you should know like…

The Incredible Health Benefits Yerba Mate Provides

There are few foods or drinks that you can consume as a staple of your diet that can dare to compare to the health benefits of yerba mate. A study done in the 1960’s by the Pasteur Institute in Paris concluded that mate contains almost all the nutrition human beings require to sustain health.

It’s no wonder that it’s been use for hundred (possibly thousands) of years and the tradition continues to be passed down from generation to generation. It’s a healthy tradition that can be shared and help to bring people together as the world and it’s technology continue to advance and human isolation seems to be at an all time high.

I can hardly talk to a person today who isn’t on antidepressants or directly related to a person on anti-depressants. I believe, and I know I’ll take heat for this, that depression is primarily a social and nutritional deficiency and can be cured naturally. The research results of yerba mate curing depression are still limited but I believe that the social effects of the ritual of yerba mate have proven and will continue to prove beneficial to users of antidepressants.

By the way, can I tell you a secret. I once used antidepressants, and during the time I was using them I got seriously demented. I honestly think they are like poison for the mind and tell anyone who’s on them to find an alternative to cope.  Give the “Mate” a try and tell me what you think.

It wouldn’t hurt to share your yerba mate the traditional way with some good upbeat people. I’ve found that the greatest cure for almost any case of the blues is to spend some quality time with positive people who share in your ideals, avoid sarcasm, sarcastic people, and have some goals to work towards.

I hope my ramblings have brought you some insight on both a social benefit of yerba mate as well as  a positive mindset of life.

Don’t be shy and make sure to leave a comment.

Tell me how drinking this “drink of friendship” has helped you and what other benefits you’ve enjoyed.

Raising a gourd to your peace and prosperity…

-The Happy Gaucho

6 thoughts on “Beneficios del Mate (or Yerba Mate Benefits)”

  1. As a young woman, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia right before my sophomore year of college. I was beyond exhausted, and in the beginning I needed my friends to help me get around. I couldn’t stay up past ten at night, and moving around was so exhausting, I hardly left my room except when necessary. My friends would keep me company, hanging out in my room while I lay on my bed. I needed at the very least 12 hours of sleep each night, and usually required an hour or two nap each afternoon. I was in a lot of pain, too, with my joints and skin hurting significantly. I learned how to manage my illnesses after a year or so, but was still very limited in what I could do. I was introduced to yerba mate two years after my diagnosis and became instantly hooked. I noticed immediately an improvement in my mental alertness and physical energy. I found that when I drank mate regularly throughout the day, I was able to make it through the day without a nap. I was able to move around more without suffering muscle & joint pain or severe headaches. I even started being able to make “guest appearances” at parties, which I hadn’t been able to do in years.

    Today, I still require more sleep than the average person, but I am, for the most part, completely functional. I don’t drink mate everyday, but certainly every week, and I always keep it on hand for when I need extra help making it through the day. I believe my immune system is stronger now, and while I can’t be sure that all of this is because of mate, I am sure that it gave me a crucial boost. I am incredibly grateful for discovering this incredible drink and believe completely in its amazing health benefits.

  2. Mate is gorgeous!!!

    I was looking for english info about mate, and arrived here.

    I must tell, I’m proud of seing that mate is becoming famous araund the world.

    You kow, I’m from Argentina, I’ve drunk mate since I was a little girl and for me it’s one of the most common things to do. I actually drink mate every day, I think.

    But I’ve never realized that it only happens in South America, until I started
    working with tourists…

    I can’t believe each time they get amazed by the mate, and the way we drink mate. It’s incredible when they ask me several things about mate, and I look at them as “Why are you asking me this, it’s so easy to understand!!!” But I’m happy telling them all that I know about my favourite infusion.

    So for me, mate is good in several ways. It makes me stronger every day, it makes me smarter, because thanks it I can study hardly every night.
    And the best, It makes me feel happy of being argentine.

    Thank you.


  3. hey there, im jesi and im argentinian. i just moved here, acutally stayed here coz i met my husband in this country while being an exchange student. i just hooked him up with mate. he has been feeling great. he generally is exhausted, specially since he has ulcerative colitis and mate gives him the boost he cant get through coffee coz coffee is to dangerous for him, so he has had more energy, helps his digestive system and gives him all the vitamins he cant get through regular food since food doesnt stay long enough in his body for it to absorb all the nutrients he needs.
    my advice…as a trully pure argentina girl that grew up with mate. drink as much as you can and you can add flavors to it. you can add mint leaves or, dry grapefruit peels , and all types of herbs to make it tastier and fun.
    im so happy people in this country are starting to take advantage of mates grat benefits. my mom has drunk mate all her lie and has only good things to say about it. remember it is an herb, a plant form nature and i can never be bad to you.
    take advantage people.

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